Caress my sword when ready for entry.Evincer Stormcrow welcomes you to procede to the Tome RoomDon't be afraid to apply a little pressure.

Welcome to my keep. Before you enter there are a few things you must know. Firstly, this is an almost completely static website built initially to teach my children what can be done with a little patience and determination. I do update from time to time and answer inquiries so check the Upkeep date on the Tome Page (following this one). Secondly, there is artwork here that contains nudity, so if you are under the age of 18, I regret to say, you MUST LEAVE NOW. Don't worry, you won't miss much. Plus you'll appreciate it that much more when you return well seasoned at the ripe young age of 18. Thirdly, everything you see here is copyright protected. To use anything, you require written consent from me. There are a few items for sale but I usually do contract work. So go ahead in and have a look around. Feel free to send me comments, complaints or just a hello from your neck of the woods. There is no need to add your name. No flaming though, I have feelings too you know. Email me through any E-Scrolls. Beside the E-Scrolls you'll also find my land address for postcards etc. if you prefer. A note about IT. Not all browsers are the same. The rulers of the web have not managed to reign them all in and make a universal HTML so that a web page will look and work exactly the same on every browser. Other than Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Explorer, what will or will not work on other browsers, I have no idea. Much of the time it only requires changing your text and/or zoom setting. On IE I use a resolution of 1920x1080 with a zoom of 100% and text at "medium". Things should get better if I can manage to learn new HTML, CSS as well as Javascript.
NEW! A secret message in my version of Tengwar, for "Rings" fans brave enough to attempt deciphering.

NEWER! Check out a new cell, Cell #0, first in the row, in the Dungeon for high school nostalgia. This is me in grade 9 baby...

Namárië an si, Evincer Stormcrow
Browser PerformanceINTERNET EXPLORER 8 PROs -Window Status, ALT quotes & tab icons work. Dagger & ILU cursors work but active content permission makes it look maliscious. CONs-Scroll opens instantly instead of slow roll. Border="0" is necessary to hide border around main image.
MOZILLA FIREFOX ESR PROs - Scroll opens slowly as it should. Tab icon works. CONs - Dagger & ILU cursors do not work. Window Status & ALT quotes do not work. I would say that Explorer 8 wins.