A message in Tengwar

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Browser PerformanceINTERNET EXPLORER 8 - PROs-Window Status, ALT quotes & tab icons all work but icons too small for body of file so pings used instead. Dagger & ILU cursors work but active content permission makes them sound maliscious.
MOZILLA FIREFOX ESR - PROs-Tab icon works. CONs-Dagger & ILU cursors do not work. Window Status & ALT quotes do not work. I would say that Explorer 8 wins. This is a perfect page to illustrate why I choose the outdated center tags over the P and /P ones. The latter cause an extra blank line on both top and bottom. Not a big deal unless you are cramped for space. Might just be me but all that black space at the bottom seemed distracting. Now it's back filled with this hidden message. Sigh.