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Do you own a car, truck, motorcycle, boat motor, snowmoblie, dirt bike, ATV or side by side that is need of repair?
Do you need in depth, comprehensive manuals that the mechanics use to fix your machine?
Do you want loads of detailed drawings and pictures to help you do a job?
Do you want it in a PDF form so that you can print only the pages you need or reprint the ones that get dirty?
Do you need it fast?
Do you want it to be cheap?
And do you want someone there to answer all of your questions both before and after your purchase giving you the same friendly, courteous response to your hundreth question as you got for your first?
Click on the banner and let Midwest Manuals show you that you can get this type of service in today's, usually poor, customer service world.
I did, and that is why I have written this link here and told all my friends and family.
Save some money and do the job yourself with the expert help of Midwest Manuals.

"HTML for Beginners - Ultimate Guide"

This is a replacement link from www.WhoIsHostingThis.com in the United Kingdom. A John Perkins graciously offered a replacement from his site after finding that my link to a site that teaches HTML was not working. In a world where more and more of the population is so engrossed in the online search, for nothing more than the sake of the search, that death's due to surfing are on the rise; it is rare that even one person would notice an opportunity to do something so small for a total stranger an ocean away let alone take the actual time to do it. If only I had the shamelessness to compare it to the help my own kith and kin offer. Thank you John; you've restored my faith in mankind.

Be sure to give John's site a look, especially those thinking about making their own site. I'm sure it's obvious that this site was written only months after I knew what html stood for but I'm still proud of it. I did it for the kids. For some, to show them that you can do anything if you just try. For others, to shut them up and prove that even old hillbilly dogs can learn knew tricks.

Dave Siegel's Web Wonk. Great useful tips.

Let word and artwork take you on a spiritual journey.

Another for the young and young at heart. Wait for it to load, make sure sound is on and click away.

The following is a site that deals with, what every one refers to as, the "Da Vinci Code". The site banner, however, was placed here well before Dan Brown penned the hit novel. I have been raving about the findings that Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln revealed in their "Explosively controversial international bestseller" The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail for over fifteen years now and I strongly suggest that you pick up their book and have a read before you see the movie. Their second book, The Messianic Legacy left me a bit jaded though and I have a firm belief as to why the book ended the way it did. Have a read and see if you get the same feeling. The novel's ISBN numbers are 0-552-12138-X and
0-552-13182-2 respectively.


Never forget that some of life's
Other great mysteries require a more in
greatest mysteries are kept hidden
depth study, a broader understanding of
in plain sight for all to see.
our world and of our history within it,
You have but to learn how to
the ability to keep an open mind,
look and it will be as if you
and a willingness to cast off old truths
have just opened your eyes
and embrace entirely new ones.
for the very first time.

The Secret Scrolls

The Nag Hammadi

Well 2012 came and went and we're still here... alone... no ride on the tilt-a-world. But that doesn't mean it won't happen, right? It is so surreal with all the talk about alien ancestors and the like. Back in the late seventies, while attending a Catholic high school, I often preached that very same scenerio. Could be why I always got an "F" in religion and, in retrospect, why so many thought I was stark raving mad. Whose mad now? Well, the jury is still out on that one. But something is coming, just don't have any idea what or which one will be first. My hypothesis has grown quite a bit since high school. People have a bad habit of thinking only one conspiracy theory can go on at a time. I tend to the other end of the scale. The reason nothing keeps happening is that each conspiracy needs to have all their ducks in a row before they can move and every move one makes throws everyone else's ducks all awry. First row of ducks is first out of the gate. I could talk for hours about this stuff but, unfortunately, I'm lucky if I can find one with enough brain cells to converse on the subject. Either they've found God, the one nailed to the wall of their church not the real one, or we're all just insects, we're born, we procreate, we die. But I digress.
If any of these links are dead, or you know of some that we would find interesting, please contact me to have them updated or removed. Thanks.

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