Beware all those who walk this path.
Close... behind cold stone and iron bound lignum vitae
they wait for the first opportunity to assail your senses.
Whispers of madness, cries of sadness, tales of tragedy,
and shouts of gladness.
Images are etched on some of the walls. Some may please
and some may offend and some may just leave you confused.
Six cells are occupied and one has been reclaimed by
nature herself. Come read a tale of tragedy, a memorial to a
dearly departed loved one and a tribute to our soldiers.
The ranting isfrom the new guy in Cell 0 reliving his school hood days. Won't keep his damn pants on either. One too many blows to the head I figure. He'll put them back on after Hedrat takes something of his home for his kids to play with. Hah! But please stay away from solitary confinement. You may never be seen again!

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Cell #0 St Joes Cell #1 HB Cell #2 SB Cell #3 CB Cell #4 JB Cell #5's back wall is gone along with it's occupant! Nothin' but little critters now, I hope. Who the hell is here? Damn lantern.
Hedrat, chief of the organic matter clean up crew