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Comparison Console

Screen 1Screen 2

Image #1Image #2Image #3Image #4Image #5Image #1Image #2Image #3Image #4Image #5

Undecided components of Graphic Signature. Tick #, colour or group with preferred component.
Banner, 3 word Motto at Top, Surname at Bottom Images       #1,3,4  #2,5
Blue Cloak Length (note wolf's haunches) Images       #1,4  #2  #3  #5
Blue Cloak Shading Image #s    #1  #2,5  #3  #4  #1,3  #3,4
Shield Height Images       #1,3,4  #2,5
Floor (No blood or more, less, different?) Images       #1,3,4  #2,5
Blood Drop on Wolf's Eye Images       #1,3,4  #2  #5
Black Jaguar's white highlights Images       #1,4  #2,5  #3
Black Jaguar's mouth Images       #1,2,4,5  #3
Black Jaguar's eyes Images       #1,4  #2,5  #3
Name Rebus or the Lance over 3 Bridges & 2 Rivers Images       #1,2  #3  #4  #5
Kris Dagger Images       #1,2,3  #4  #5
Black Trillium Images       #1  #2,3  #4  #5
Multi-coloured Blossoms at tip of blade Images       #1  #2,5  #3  #4
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If you would like to send me your picks I would be happy to read them. Feel free to add things you would change or do differently, parts you would leave out or ones you would put in. Whether I use them or not is not the point. It gets your creative juices flowing leading you to a higher creativity level. And at the very least you will have given me ideas for future projects. It also gives others ideas that they may never have thought of until your comment sparked an idea. It is like sketching in art, something I feel I am poor at but the more I do it the easier it becomes and the better and quicker I can do it as well. The old saying works very well here; "Use it or lose it".

Now, let's talk about Display and Privacy. Nowadays it's just not safe using your main email for places with limited or no encryption. What I do if I want to take part in a forum or make comments is use a fake email address. Well it's not really fake, it's just not important. You use it for the one purpose alone, so you don't have to worry about checking through hundreds of spam or phishing emails for your personal ones. Once you have used it and read any replies, if it applies, everything else is trash. Just go in once a month or week depending on how badly it gets spammed, and delete everything. No worries as long as you use it the way you intended it. One minor slip and you'll have to start a new one, one major slip and you may have to replace your most important address and that's only if your name, address or something else personal didn't slip. So if you would like to comment or pick or whatever, get your bogus email and click on. On my side, all of your info will be immediately deleted after recording your picks and/or comments. Another trick I use that you might find useful if you want to give someone an important address while using your bogus email address is to make a photo, jpeg, of your email, just like the Captchas you may have seen or used to make sure you're not a robot. Try to make them all weird and misshapen but still recognizable to us humans.

Would you like your picks and comments Displayed, just your Picks Displayed, just your Comments Displayed or Do Not Display any of your Picks or Comments.
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Thank You. Namárië an si

Browser Performance INTERNET EXPLORER 8 PROs -Window Status, ALT quotes & tab icons work. Dagger & ILU cursors work but active content permission makes it look malicious when it isn't.
MOZILLA FIREFOX ESR PROs - Tab icon works. CONs - Dagger & ILU cursors do not work. Window Status & ALT quotes do not work. I would say that INTERNET EXPLORER 8 wins.