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NUMISMATICS. Mathematics is the science of math therefore Numismatics must be the science of Numis. Whatever they are. No? OK, automatics is the matics of autos, so is Numis a car or a gun? Neither? Darn. Ohh, Ohh dogmatic! Tics on a mother dog? Numis? New... female... mother tics? Check marks for belief? OK I give up.

What it is, is a group of regular people from every walk of life, collecting, grading, trading, displaying, selling, buying, searching, researching, cataloguing and a lot of other things that you can do with money other than purchasing something with it.

Unfortunately in this case, it's just me going through my pocket change and picking out lint balls and any coin that looks weird or old. Sorry.

I'm not a real die hard coin collector. Die.. get it.. coin die.. oh forget it. I wouldn't be able to buy a small ship and go real treasure hunting with anything I've found, but a little treasure hunt is better than none at all! "Arr Lassie, come o'r here an I'll show you real Se..." Oh s-sorry. Where was I? Ah yes. I just can't help look through another handful of change. It's like the lottery, you know your chances are slim at best yet every week you continue the search, just in case. We trick ourselves of course, with little sayings like "you can't win if you don't have a ticket", or jokes like "every week the man prayed to God that he'd win the lottery but he died penniless. When he met God he asked why he had never let him win and God replied that he had granted him his wish, but the man never bought a ticket". It's that thrill that for such a small price you could become rich. It's the same with coins. The coin wouldn't have the same excitement attached to it if I had to pay for it. A true treasure hunter at heart. I'll probably die alone and penniless in some sleazy den of iniquity on a Caribbean island with barely enough Jack Daniels in my glass for a proper farewell and...oh would look at that, I'm half way there already. Excuse me while I fill my well.

And not too long ago I was counting my bills. Money bills not those one has to pay. Bank notes! MONEY! You know "That's what I want. The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees. I want money"
"That's what I want"

Come on this...
"That's what I want"
...is where you...
"That's what I want"
...get down and...
"That's what I want"
...do all those...
"That's what I want"
...funky dance moves...
"That's what I want"
...we used to...
"That's what I want"
ou, ou, ou, ou, ouchhhhh, OK that's it. I need pain meds, that's what I want. Be right back.

Oooooo Kaaaaaaay. Just took "hit the dance clubs" of my list of things I want to do again. So you know the drill. If you were still in school, any school, when you first heard this song, what is it's name and who sang it? Remember no Googling. I'll know by the time you spent on this section! Lovers of everything Rock may know all the words to that song. But we shall see. Sing the line following this one. Your love gives me such a thrill? Way too easy. One more; Money don't get everything it's true,? Aficionados should know the year that it came out and the album title, no Googling, I'll know and so will your self pride. Nostalgiacs will know exactly what they were doing at some point in time when that song played. I want to hear from all the Nostalgiacs out there and what memory that song calls up. If I get even one printable response I will tell you the strongest memory that this song calls up in me. So where was I going with this? Bills, yes. While going through the bills in my wallet while waiting for something or someone, I came across a five dollor bill with a peculiar ink stamp on it. "Where's Willy?". Well I've been asked, "How's my willy?" but never where it was. And now that I contemplate all the ramifications of that I feel I must say a thank you to my creator for that. Thanks Mom & Dad. And that in turn brings up a rather peculiar memory. Young and impressionable and in the early stages of my sexual maturing an older gentleman, a relative through a sibling's marriage, and a man that I had a great respect for, offered these words of wisdom when the topic of problems I had and still faced with spinal problems came up. Which, in retrospect, seemed to have the opposite effect on a lot of females than what I believed they should have. Must have been all the scars and zipper marks, several all the way from arshole to tea kettle, from all the bar brawls, knife fights and motorcycle accidents I've enjoyed down through the ages. He said, "Never worry if your back peters out, problems only start if your peter backs out." And with that in mind I was off to the chases. Anyway, back to "Where's Willy". Thankfully the internet was invented at that time so soon found a website of the same name. It was a means of tracking the travels of any particular bill registered on the website. A whole new reason for going through your money. I guess some collector like myself got fed up with never finding anything worthwhile so devised a whole new way to bring excitement to money besides slipping it under a stripper's G-string just to cop a feel. And no I don't know that from experience despite being dragged there by guys who found it exciting, I played pool why they all snuggled together in pervert's row. I was never a window shopper. If I can't use it or even touch it, what the hell is the point of staring at it for hours on end, despite the accompaniment of good tunes. I do remember one night in particular though. Oh she was a Strange Animal indeed and her timing, impeccable. What a memory. Ahhhh the good ole days. I wonder if anyone else remembers? I'll reminisce if you do. OK back out of that dark side ally. There were categories for individuals who had been the most recipents of these bills and there were ones for others who started the most bills, and all the variations in between. So I did as I was informed by filling out the usual Who? What? Where? When? and Why? and then sent the bill on its journey. It was like a combination of "Free Willy" and "Paddle to the Sea". "Free your Willy and paddle it for all to see." It will never work. Name's too long. And so after that I started watching my bills too. Then I happened to find a book on coins and in a section in the back it showed all the things that collectors look for in bills and suddenly my treasure hunting pleasure doubled. So now I was looking for patterns in the serial numbers of bills and certain anomalies in the pictures etc. But, alas, they were just as ellusive as the collectable coins. What I'm trying to say is that I not only don't have what a true collector would call a collection, I don't have any great stores of wisdom to impart on the hobby. All I really have to show is a few older coins, some cool looking foreign coins and a few sketches I've done for a Royal Canadian Mint contest that was more of a suggestion than an entry.

When the RCM introduced a contest in which everyday Canadian's could enter their design for a coin I was interested. Unfortunately at the time my inspirational muse must have been at that brothel in the Carib... sorry, my mind wanders, ...away. I came up with a few poor attempts that I sent in just so the time spent on them didn't seem wasted. I did this for the 1999 contest. When the 2000 contest was announced I was still uninspired. But in my quest for a new design my mind happened upon what I thought was an old design with a new purpose. The RCM has become more than just a manufacturer of currency. They have become a business in the business of selling art on little metal disks. And as with any art it has to find favour with an audience. The larger the audience, the larger the profits. What could one put on a coin that would turn virtually everyone into a collector, if only of that one coin. That may be all the spark needed to give birth to another collector. I seized immediately upon that which seems to be woven into the very fabric of millions of people’s existence. Astrology. Look around, it's everywhere. "Hi there sweetie, what's your sign?" Ouch, she packs a mean left hook! And here comes the swelling. It theems to be eberywhere. Man can thee punth. Thorry, I'll wait for the thwelling to go down...

It's in magazine's, on the radio, late night TV, on jewellery, clothing and some of it driven right into the skin with needles and ink! Now that has got to have power.

The numbers made it clear that I had to be on the right track. 12 coins, 1 for each month. 12 signs, 1 for each month. Coincidence? Get it. COINcidence. I think not. Just how many people would keep a coin, bearing their sign on it, as a good luck charm. A lot more than at the present I figured. And would they stop there? I myself came up with lots of reasons to collect them. One for every member of the family. They could be put on plaques to represent individuals. Given as birthday gifts they would have even more meaning. Rolls of them bought by the superstitious gambler. Flights of fancy? Maybe. But I still believe that more of these would have been kept for personal reasons than any other coin.

So I set to work designing my masterpieces. I kept the drawing simple so as to not clutter the design. I was rushed so was unable to put the shading needed to enhance the design. After I was finished I thought that this set needed something to tie them together. A centre to which they would revolve around. And as I was contemplating this I came up with what I believed would have been a first in coins. Even today I don't think it's like is produced even in more expensive and lesser known varieties.

The signs are governed by celestial bodies and most importantly of these the planets. The three most important celestial bodies to us: Earth, the Sun and the Moon. I started with the Toonie design and modified it. The larger outer ring represents the sun. The golden inner circle represents the earth. The smaller offset disk is our moon. I pictured this as dark copper since it would be the dark side of the moon. The 9 planets are represented on the earth portion of the coin by their symbols.

I have never heard of a "Tri-Metal Coin" before but if you have please let me know.

So with my long winded sales pitch I sent my design in to the Royal Canadian Mint. I never received a reply. And unlike the 1999 contest, I never even received a certificate thanking me for entering. Right track, wrong train? I never gave it much thought even though I was rather disappointed at the time. I really thought I had had a great idea for a moment. You can imagine my surprise when leafing through a coin magazine I found a similar coin design minted in 2004! Did they take my design without even a thank you? Could I even claim rights to the design in the first place? Irregardless it bothered me. In good faith I told them my idea and it felt like they just reefed it out of my hands and closed the door. Other questions bothered me also. Why would they mint the design in silver making it really only available to collectors? Why was the Chinese version, and I mean no disrespect to all the Canadians of Chinese descent, some of who are in my own family tree, pushed more by the RCM than these? And I know that I am not alone because their popular magazine, of which I receive, did a poll every year and that series was the least favourite every year. And why did they stop the polling? And the worst question of all. Did they use my idea for the Toonie and I just haven't seen it yet? The question isn't far fetched. If that other coin magazine hadn't been lent to me I would have never known about the silver set. What else have I missed?

Well anyway, take a look at a few examples of the coin designs described. I fear my astrology designs appear drab to me now but I was learning and my last design I still believe has unused before concepts and holds potential. My short career as a coin designer is ended, but at least I put in my 2 cents worth.

Happy Numismaticing. Remember, if that becomes a catch word, you read it here first.

Unfinished Libra 25 cent coin design
Unfinished Libra 25 cent coin design.
Copyright © 2000 Lance Brydges

Unfinished Taurus 25 cent coin design
Unfinished Taurus 25 cent coin design.
Copyright © 2000 Lance Brydges

Unfinished Aries 25 cent coin design
Unfinished Aries 25 cent coin design.
Copyright © 2000 Lance Brydges

Unfinished Capricorn 25 cent coin design
Unfinished Capricorn 25 cent coin design.
Copyright © 2000 Lance Brydges

Unfinished Sagittarius 25 cent coin design
Unfinished Sagittarius 25 cent coin design.
Copyright © 2000 Lance Brydges

2000 Toonie Tri-Metal coin design
2000 Toonie Tri-Metal coin design.
Copyright © 2000 Lance Brydges

A better view of the coin on the left border of this page is here
See a larger version of Amerindian Coin

I have received information from the ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER & MANAGING EDITOR of Canadian Coin News, the very informative and well put together magazine that I mentioned above. He informed me that there are many versions of one particular design in a contest and that, unfortunately, there can be only one winner. So much for healing my damaged ego. But on the upside, or downside as some may see it, the lunar zodiac silver maple leaf coins, that I mentioned above, were not in a competition with my design or from any contest but "made for a customer as a special order". It seems that if you have a large enough order the mint will produce your coin. Nice. (Donations can be sent to the address at the bottom of this page). So the mint just didn't think that my design was worth producing. I feel much better now. But on the other side of the coin... there just may be a series of this nature produced in the future. So write your RCM and make your voice heard. Tell them you want a zodiac series too. And yes, you can mention my name.

Now for the tri-metallic coin issue. This same gentleman tells me that Paris minted a design, about 10 years ago, in precious metals. He surmises in Silver, Gold, and Platinum; "a core and two concentric rings".
Are we going to stand for that? France has a rare tri-metallic coin and we do not! Again I say, write your RCM and tell them of your disappointment. And yes, of course, feel free to make reference to my design.

The Royal Canadian Mint can be reached at 1-800-267-1871 or by email; info@mint.ca

On second thought, I just realized that this coin might be suitable for a few other countries. A little redesigning and I could see it fitting some very important events in several foreign countries. I think I'll send them a letter. I'll keep you informed if I get any takers.

Well I redesigned my tri-metal coin design into a quad-metal design so aside from commemorating a great moment in, not only the United States history, but the world's, it is also a first, as far as I know.

In 2008 it will be the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 8 Mission which gave us our first view of the dark side of the moon. I've depicted the president of the time as well as the three astronauts who flew the mission. The reverse shows the Apollo 8 module floating above the moon that is floating above earth. I have sent the design of my $8 coin to the committee that oversees coin design in the United States.

Two types could be made of this version. One made of possibly copper, brass, nickel and aluminum or aluminium, depending on your fancy, and a more precious one of Platinum, gold, silver and bronze. I suppose Titanium could be used as well or just all the various colours of gold that they can make now. I've heard but not seen that they even have black gold as well! So that alternate name for oil can't be used any longer. Going to have to make a point of checking that out.

2006 Apollo 8 Quad-Metal coin design
2006 Apollo 8 Quad-Metal coin design.
Copyright © 2006 Lance Brydges

In this design bronze could be replaced by Niobium making our planet blue and the other metals "pop". It is difficult to see but the stripes representing the stripes of the US flag are alternately raised and lowered. If necessary, for coin thickness, each row could be only bevelled giving the illusion of stripes.

2006 Apollo 8 Quad-Metal Niobium coin design
2006 Apollo 8 Quad-Metal Niobium coin design.
Copyright © 2006 Lance Brydges

Well it's 2017 and nothing has been done with my designs above so I think that it is safe to say that no one was interested. Personally I think it was a dispute among the different factions with bases on the moon that sealed its doom. They don't like publicity and they probably saw a new coin commemorating trips to the moon as something that may spark new interest and that would not be good for them. What are you gonna' do. We'll just have to keep on pretending that we don't see them to keep the peace.

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