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Gone Fishin' at Long Lost Lake

Gone Fishin' at Long Lost Lake

Not big on traveling in schools this one has found a hidy hole where few will ever see him again but he left behind a few reminders that he was here. I've left them just as they were below.

Silailya Neffana
Namárië an si

Collecting post cards, old letters, stamps and foreign money just to name a few. A few others are Pokemon, Digimon and Magic cards, Pogs, books, bottles, tins, matchboxes and matchcards. Pretty much anything that interests me as I do it for the love of collecting and not to make a profit. Most of these things people just throw in the garbage. DON'T! Please consider giving them to someone who collects. To find out more, and maybe send me a post card, click on the Place Stamp Here below, to go to my collecting page.

Stamp Collecting Page

I wrote this poem in school to serve as a constant reminder that our troops are fighting and dying in foreign lands everyday, not just on Remembrance Day, to give millions of people the chance to live free. May "the powers that be" see them safely home.

Eager men ready to serve.
Brave of voice. Steady of nerve.
You would laugh at jests.
Show eagerness to roam.
But would you stay in hell, so far from home?
Soldiers line up side by side.
Bullets whistle. Nowhere to hide.
You would freeze with fear.
Tremble with fright.
But would you carry on and face the fight?
Brave men charge to meet the foe.
Land mines, bombs,...thin as you go.
You would empty your bladder,
your bowels as well.
But would you follow your friends, deeper into hell?
Fighters in trenches lay belly down.
In pools of blood...red, faeces...brown.
You would vomit in disgust.
Pray for release.
But would you crawl ever forward, refusing to cease?
Tombstones stand, row upon row.
Silence reigns. Poppies grow.
You would cry with sorrow.
Sob with pain.
But would you turn around and do it all over again?

Copyright © 2004-18 Jaradan Brydges

Random stuff from my time at R.C.I.

Hexagram Art.
The art of antiqueing.

Contrast and shading in charcoal.Black & White Art

Pan Flute made from copper pipe
Copper pipe Pan Flute works!

Scary Homemade Catapult Homemade catapult

Ghosts of the Ole Kick & Push
The Old Kingston to Pembroke Railway Line

Copyright © 2009-18 Jaradan Brydges

Final Destination
Final Destination

Copyright © 2009-18 Jaradan Brydges

Sorrow Enough and Time
Sorrow Enough & Time

Copyright © 2009-18 Jaradan Brydges

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Namárië an si

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