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This is a personal website containing, but not limited to, art, poetry and heraldry. It is mostly a static website but updated occasionally and I still answer emails. Please take a moment and enjoy. When you are ready to proceed to the next page just click the dragon. IF your browser or search engine has frightened you with big warning and danger signs it is because I REFUSE to pay hundreds of dollars annually for a slip of paper that really doesn't protect you in the long run and will only mean the loss of millions of small personal or family websites that are the main reason for the webs popularity if not it's existence. It is just another example of big business taking over and pushing out those who can't afford to play. Contact the browser or search engine that flagged this site unnecessarily and tell them that you do not like their bullying tactics. If this page hasn't been red flagged thank the browser and/or search engine that sees the web the way it should, free and uninhibited. These browsers have the technology and capability to tell you if there is real danger, it just isn't in there interest to do so. For the next little while you may find some pages and/or features do not work properly, or at all. This is do to a reworking of the entire site and may take awhile. I will inform everyone upon it's completion. Thank you for you patience.
Calabogie and area residents. We have a great new business that needs our support. Stop by and meet the friendly owners and staff who are waiting to help you with all your health care needs.
An amazing convenience for such a small community and one we need to ensure stays with us!

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